Cascia: a journey through time

In the heart of the Tuscan hills, amidst enchanting landscapes and the eternal beauty of Renaissance art, you will find a place that will enchant your heart: the village of Cascia in Reggello.

Cascia is a small town made up of cobblestone streets, stone houses, picturesque squares, historic treasures and a family atmosphere.Here the welcome is warm and hospitality is an ancient art.

Arts and Culture

One of Cascia’s main attractions is the Pieve di San Pietro a Cascia, a Romanesque church dating back to the 12th century. This architectural marvel is an extraordinary example of how art and faith come together in a single expression of beauty. The interior of the church is adorned with frescoes and works of art that tell the story and culture of this part of Tuscany. While just behind the church in a hidden and atmospheric square is one of the jewels of the whole Reggello area, the Masaccio Museum of Sacred Art, which preserves paintings of Florentine art, silverware, ecclesiastical objects the beautiful Triptych of St. Juvenal by Masaccio.

Nature Taste and Tradition

The Borgo di Cascia is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Green hills and centuries-old olive groves create one of the most famous products in Italy and around the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Discover it in local clubs, restaurants and trattorias, perhaps as a complement to a plate of ribollita or pappa al pomodoro!

Especially in the summer, festivals and celebrations bring a festive touch to the village, for example usually at the end of June there is the St. Peter’s Festival with the traditional Porcini Mushroom Festival, more than a week of events and food stand open every day with themed dinners, shows and events.

It is an opportunity to experience Cascia authentically and share the warmth of our community.

Cascia is a village that embraces you with its authentic warmth. It is a place where time stands still to allow you to appreciate the beauty of simple living. It is a village that makes you feel at home right away, even if you come from far away.