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Zolfino Bean: The Treasure of Reggello’s Agricultural Tradition

Fagiolo Zolfino is one of Reggello’s gastronomic jewels, a small…

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European Beer Festival

The European Beer Festival in Reggello is a not-to-be-missed event…

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The Frantoi di Reggello: every drop, a story

Among the lush green hills of Reggello, an ancient tradition…

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Reggello Olive Oil: A Tuscan Treasure to Taste

Reggello oil has always been considered one of Tuscany’s culinary…

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Reggello Oil: Ancient Roots and Legends

The terraces planted with vineyards and olive groves that dot…

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Explore the Excellence of Reggello Oil: A Journey to the Heart of Tuscany

Much of the hillside of Reggello’s territory is characterized by…

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