Dante’s Way: A Journey through History, Literature and Nature

“In the midst of the journey of our life I found myself in a dark forest, for the straight way was lost.” These words, which open the Divine Comedy, immediately evoke the image of Dante Alighieri and his epic journey. Less well known is the fact that many of the places mentioned in the poem were actually experienced by the Supreme Poet during his exile. Today, these places can be explored through Dante’s Way, a 400-kilometer itinerary that connects Romagna to Tuscany through medieval paths and routes.

Dante’s Way is not just a trekking route, but a cultural, artistic, philosophical and spiritual journey between Ravenna and Florence. The Divine Comedy was born in this dimension, steeped in characters, fauna, castles, landscapes, and the doubts that every man poses during a journey, relating to his own self. Much of this dimension has remained intact; more can be poetically reconstructed, allowing us to relive the suggestions that accompanied Dante on the most evocative stretches of the route.

The Stages of Dante’s Way: From Florence to Ravenna

Florence – Pieve Pitiana (25.6 km)

Starting again from Florence, the path ascends the hills along a Romanesque pavement to Montecucco, then descends back into Valdarno, to Rignano, and from there to Pieve Pitiana. Located in the municipality of Reggello, the parish church, which originated in the year 1000, has undergone various remodeling. Here you can admire the beautiful bell tower and the view from the churchyard across the valley. Inside, altarpieces by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio are preserved.

Pieve Pitiana – Vallombrosa – Prato di Strada (22.6 km)

From the Pieve, through olive fields to the arboretum of Vallombrosa and from there to Montemignaio and Forcanasso. Past a small medieval bridge, continue downhill through the forest until you reach the hamlet of Prato di Strada. Here, the 15th-century Church of St. John the Baptist houses a 1500 fresco of Our Lady of Consolation.

Dante’s Way offers not only an immersion in history and literature, but also an opportunity for a unique experience, walking the paths that inspired one of history’s greatest poets. Through breathtaking landscapes and meaningful places, this walk allows us to rediscover Dante’s genius and reflect on his immortal legacy.

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