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Welcome to the “Download” section of Visit Reggello! Here you will find a collection of indispensable resources to better organize your visit. Download detailed maps, travel guides, recommended routes and information on local events. Each document is designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience in our fascinating area. Whether you are planning a day of hiking, a cultural visit, or a food and wine tour, these materials will help you discover all the wonders Reggello has to offer. Get ready to experience an extraordinary adventure in beautiful Tuscany!

Paths to the discovery of the Balze of Reggello

Download the maps and set out to discover the wonderful crags in the municipality of Reggello. For added safety, we recommend that you check routes on dedicated sites and apps.

Download itinerary R20 from Pieve San Pietro to Pitiana to Marnia

Download itinerary R21 from Marnia to Leccio

Download itinerary R22 from Marnia – Borghetto – Terpini – Fali – Pieve a Pitiana

Download itinerary R23 from Pieve di Sant’Agata in Arfoli – Castello dei Bonsi – Podere Carraia – Leccio

Download itinerary R24 from Rota to Pian di Tegna

Download itinerary R25 from Ostina – Vaggio -Rio di Luco – Gretaio – Merenzi – San Siro – Ostina

Itineraries to discover the Forest of St. Anthony

Download the maps and walk through the wonders of the St. Anthony Forest. For added safety, we recommend that you check routes on dedicated sites and apps.

Download itinerary 1 “BLACK MASSA – GUARDIAN HUT.”

Download itinerary 2 “DIRECT TO REGGELLO”

Download itinerary 3 “SENTIERO DEGLI SCOGLI”

Download itinerary 4 “PIAN DEL FORNELLO RING”

Download itinerary 5 “VIA DI SANT’ANTONIO”

Download itinerary 6 “THE HIDDEN JEWELS OF THE FOREST.”

Download itinerary 7 “DISCOVERING MASS BERNAGIA”

Download itinerary 8 “PHEASON RING”



Download itinerary 11 “THE FAR PRATOPIAN REFUGE.”

Download itinerary 12 “THE RING OF PRATOPIAN.”

Download Itinerary 13 “THE SOLATIA OF TRAINELLA”

Download itinerary 14 “MONTE ACUTO – SASSO MAN.”

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