Explore the Excellence of Reggello Oil: A Journey to the Heart of Tuscany

Much of the hillside of Reggello’s territory is characterized by manicured terraced cultivation with vineyards and olive groves, present since the 14th century. The olive tree, a fundamental crop of this area, is a defining feature of the area and deeply marks its landscape.

The land in these places produces excellent wine and oil renowned for low acidity and special organoleptic characteristics, due to the height of the olive groves (300 meters above sea level) and the peculiarities of the land. This is a fairly unique soil in Tuscany, with a very low limestone content and a high quartz content. The plants are mostly of the frantoio and leccino type, but there is no shortage of morellino and pendolino types.

Every year in Reggello, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review is held in November. There are numerous farms that produce and directly sell the fine Reggello Toscano IGP extra virgin olive oil, which is obtained through pressing carried out using both traditional and modern methods, in the various oil mills in the area.

Olive oil has always been a symbol of excellence in the Mediterranean diet, and Reggello oil is no exception. With its low acidity and unique taste derived from the peculiarities of the soil, it is a true culinary treasure.

Every year, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review offers the opportunity to taste and buy directly from local farms this extraordinary oil, obtained by production methods that combine tradition and innovation. Thanks to the care and passion of the producers, Reggello oil is a real treat for the palate, a tribute to the land and its ancient traditions.

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of tasting Reggello oil and discover the authentic taste of Tuscany.