Every corner a surprise

Welcome to our journey through Reggello! You will discover the enchantment of our villages, historical treasures that tell stories thousands of years old. Imagine yourself surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature, among lush forests and breathtaking views. Explore with us the magic of Vallombrosa, an oasis of serenity and spirituality in the heart of Tuscany. With trails that invite discovery and places that capture the heart, Reggello welcomes you with its wonders. Join us on this unforgettable adventure, where every step is an opportunity to be surprised and inspired by the beauty that surrounds us.

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Tourist medical guard in Saltino Vallombrosa 2024

The service runs from July 1 to August 31, 2024…

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Home drug delivery in Saltino and Vallombrosa in July and August 2024

The service is operated by Tosi’s Pavarini Pharmacy For the…

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Itinerary among the Balze: From Rota to Pian di Tegna

Exploring the Valdarno crags is a unique experience that combines…

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The Fauna of St. Anthony’s Forest: A Heritage of Biodiversity

The St. Anthony Forest, with its wide range of habitats,…

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The Vallombrosa Experimental Arboretum: A Journey into Biodiversity

Nestled in the picturesque forest of Vallombrosa, the Experimental Arboretum…

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Dante’s Way: A Journey through History, Literature and Nature

“In the midst of the journey of our life I…

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