Our Refuge of Peace and Beauty

Welcome to Vallombrosa, a natural jewel in the heart of Reggello. Here, the stillness of centuries-old beech forests envelops visitors in an embrace of serenity. Walk along paths that open between majestic trees and crystal clear streams, breathing in the fresh, pure air that characterizes this magical location. Behold the imposing Vallombrosa Abbey, a symbol of spirituality and a refuge for those seeking inner peace. Be enchanted by the timeless beauty of this place, where nature and spirituality blend harmoniously, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Tourist medical guard in Saltino Vallombrosa 2024

The service runs from July 1 to August 31, 2024…

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Home drug delivery in Saltino and Vallombrosa in July and August 2024

The service is operated by Tosi’s Pavarini Pharmacy For the…

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The Vallombrosa Experimental Arboretum: A Journey into Biodiversity

Nestled in the picturesque forest of Vallombrosa, the Experimental Arboretum…

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The Way of Francis: A Spiritual Journey through Tuscany

The Way of Francis is a pilgrimage route that connects…

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Museum of Sacred Art of Vallombrosa Abbey in Reggello

In the heart of the monastery of Santa Maria in…

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The Circuit of the Giants and the Tallest Tree in Italy

In 2016, the “arbonauts” of SuperAlberi accomplished an extraordinary feat:…

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