A masterpiece to be discovered

Immerse yourself in art in Reggello, a hidden treasure among the Tuscan hills. Here, every nook and cranny reveals works of art that tell millennia-old stories. Get lost in the alleys of historic villages, where ancient frescoes and Renaissance architecture blend harmoniously. Visit centuries-old churches, custodians of artistic masterpieces that fascinate and inspire. Be captivated by the beauty of Masaccio’s triptych of Saint Juvenal. In Reggello, art is alive and pulsating, ready to be discovered and admired by anyone who ventures among its wonders.

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The Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia: a Romanesque treasure in the heart of Tuscany

The Pieve di San Pietro a Cascia, located in the…

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The Dante Art Foundation at the White House: A Beacon of Culture and Art

The Dante Art at the White House Foundation, established in…

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Church of St. Agatha in Arfoli

The Church of Sant’Agata in Arfoli is a jewel of…

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The Pieve di San Pietro a Pitiana: A Romanesque Treasure in the Tuscan Countryside

Nestled in the quiet Tuscan countryside, along the ancient Via…

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Museum of Sacred Art of Vallombrosa Abbey in Reggello

In the heart of the monastery of Santa Maria in…

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The Castle of Sammezzano: continuing to dream

Hidden among the lush Tuscan hills, Sammezzano Castle stands as…

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