Itinerary among the Balze: From Rota to Pian di Tegna

Exploring the Valdarno crags is a unique experience that combines history, nature, and breathtaking scenery. A recommended itinerary starts from Rota, a charming farmhouse with the parish church of San Giusto, recorded as early as 1299 among the churches of the Fiesole diocese.

Start of the Route in Rota

To reach Rota, from Regional Road 69, after the village of Leccio towards Incisa, follow the signs for Rota. Near the regional road, on a hill, the Castellano Tower can be seen. Initially owned by the Guidi counts and then by the Castellani family, the tower was restored in 1938. During World War II, its walls hid the statues of the Uffizi Gallery.

Admiring the Crags

When you reach the church of San Giusto, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Balze. Continue down the downhill road toward the cemetery. Here, you can choose to follow the R24 trail or veer left to the R24A trail, which is only passable on foot. Following R24A, you will immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the mixed forest of downy oak, turkey oak and holm oak. Continuing along R24, you will face a descent and an ascent to a viewpoint offering spectacular views of olive groves and vineyards.

The Trail to Pian di Tegna

Continue downhill to a fork. You can continue straight along Fosso di Cetina, which leads back to Regional Road 69, or turn left and go up towards Pian di Tegna. Through a small gate, path R24 leads you over the Cetina Ditch. Follow the course of the Borro and climb through gorse bushes and brambles to a plane with a panoramic view of the road traveled.

Follow the direction to the right along the power line, skirting the walls of the Crags to get a closer look at their geological structure. After the climb, leave behind a panorama of Incisa Valdarno. From here, the path widens and can also be traveled by car to Pian di Tegna.

Arrival in Pian di Tegna

The road passes through a mixed forest of ash and maritime pine, alternating with olive groves and vineyards surrounding the villas. At a fork in the road, taking a right, you will find housing and a residential complex where the driveable road ends. From here, a trail (R24B) continues on foot, passing laterally to the Crags to the Cetina Church. Taking a left, the dirt road leads to Pian di Tegna, offering striking views of the Balze.

Conclusion of the Pathway

The last section of the trail re-enters mixed forest of downy oak, chestnut, field maple and ailanthus, passing a wildlife farm and arriving at Pian di Tegna on the Castellina municipal road, which connects Cancelli to Montanino. This itinerary offers an immersion in the nature and history of the Valdarno crags, providing unforgettable views and a unique trekking experience.