Itineraries in Reggello: Between Nature, History and Taste

Discover Reggello through our itineraries designed for adventurers and the curious. Follow the paths that wind through vineyards and olive groves, breathing in the fresh air and admiring breathtaking views. Get lost in historic villages, where ancient stones tell stories thousands of years old. Explore Vallombrosa Abbey, an oasis of peace and spirituality surrounded by greenery. Take a look at our food and wine suggestions, which will lead you to discover the authentic flavors of Tuscany. With our itineraries, every step becomes an unforgettable experience, a journey through the beauty and history of Reggello.

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Pedaling, unhurriedly, through Reggello

Reggello, nestled in the Tuscan hills, offers a unique experience…

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Itinerary among the Balze: From Rota to Pian di Tegna

Exploring the Valdarno crags is a unique experience that combines…

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The Setteponti Trail: A Journey Between History and Nature

Hiking the ancient trails of Tuscany is a unique experience…

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Dante’s Way: A Journey through History, Literature and Nature

“In the midst of the journey of our life I…

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The Way of Francis: A Spiritual Journey through Tuscany

The Way of Francis is a pilgrimage route that connects…

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Museum of Sacred Art of Vallombrosa Abbey in Reggello

In the heart of the monastery of Santa Maria in…

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