An adventure in contact with nature

In Reggello, sport is an adventure experienced in close contact with nature! From exciting hikes on scenic trails to peaceful cycling through hills and forests, there is something for everyone here. Imagine yourself riding along enchanting trails or immersed in the peace of trekking in our beautiful parks. And for those who enjoy soccer, tennis, or swimming, there are modern, well-equipped facilities. Join us and discover how sports can become an unforgettable experience in this corner of Tuscan paradise.

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Pedaling, unhurriedly, through Reggello

Reggello, nestled in the Tuscan hills, offers a unique experience…

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Discover Reggello by E-Bike: An Eco-Friendly Journey through History and Nature

Exploring Reggello and its beautiful surroundings by e-bike is a…

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The Setteponti Trail: A Journey Between History and Nature

Hiking the ancient trails of Tuscany is a unique experience…

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Dante’s Way: A Journey through History, Literature and Nature

“In the midst of the journey of our life I…

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The Way of Francis: A Spiritual Journey through Tuscany

The Way of Francis is a pilgrimage route that connects…

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