One coat of arms, one story

The coat of arms of the Municipality of Reggello is a visual representation of its rich history and deep roots. Described in heraldry as “Azure, to the golden bear, facing and passing over the countryside in the natural, towards a holm oak of the same, placed in the left flank and fed by the countryside; accompanied in the right canton of the head by a silver ball charged with a red cross,” this coat of arms contains symbols dating back to ancient times.

The golden bear, depicted moving across the countryside, is the symbol of the Cascia League, highlighting the strength and determination of the local community. The silver ball with the red cross represents the important connection with Florence, emphasizing Reggello’s affiliation with the Florentine people. The holm oak tree on the left flank could symbolize the village of Leccio, a tangible testimony to the area’s connection with its lush nature and rural traditions.

The coat of arms of the Municipality of Reggello is more than just an emblem; it is a reminder of the history, culture and identity of this fascinating Tuscan town. It represents the heritage and legacy of its residents, and embodies the values of strength, pride, and belonging that characterize the Reggio Emilia community.