Reggello: endless stories

Reggello is a place that enchants its with its beauty and authenticity.

Reggello’s streets lined with stone houses and embellished with colorful flowers invite you to stroll and discover every corner of the town. The pace of life is leisurely, and you can enjoy every moment without hurry.

Stories at Every Step

Reggello is a small open-air museum with a historical and cultural heritage that will surprise you at every turn.

The earliest records of the town of Reggello are from the first half of the 14th century. The place known as Rigellus had sprung up along the Resco stream, at the junction of three routes: the Cassia, now Sette Ponti, from Arezzo to Florence, and the two trails that descended from the Casentino. Initially as a road junction and resting place, later a market center, the settlement since the 14th century developed around the central square, now Potente Square, and assumed the role of economic center. In 1427, on the northeast side of the present square, there was a dispensary named after St. Lawrence and an industrial nucleus that exploited the waters of the Resco stream: three mills, two gualchiere and a blacksmith store (Via dei Mulini, I Monechi).

From the end of the 14th century, the pass routes began to be used as transhumance roads, and a customs point (via della Dogana) was established in Reggello, near the Piazza and the Ponte Vecchio on the Resco, along the Casentino road. In 1531 the loggia in Potente Square was still being set up, and the proceeds from the sale of public land at the Saturday market were earmarked for this work. By the end of the 16th century, the town of Reggello had taken on the appearance we already know today: the Piazza, the mills on the Resco, the Palazzo Podestarile, now the town hall, adorned with the coats of arms of the successive podestas governing the community, and finally and a chapel, the future Church of San Jacopo, which houses 17th-century frescoes and paintings and an 18th-century organ.

A Story to Taste

Olive oil production is a centuries-old tradition in Reggello, and you can taste high quality extra virgin olive oil that has become world famous thanks to its low acidity and special organoleptic characteristics, due to the height of the olive groves (300 m) and the peculiarities of the land.

There are many local businesses and oil mills that also offer guided tours to learn about our “green gold.”

Not to be missed is the Rassegna dell’Olio Extravergine d’Oliva di Reggello (Reggello Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review), which enlivens the town each year between late October and early November with events, cooking-shows, tastings, the visits to olive mills and much more.

There is pooi nothing better than to enjoy a plate of pasta topped with freshly pressed olive oil, accompanied by a glass of wine, in the town’s bars, restaurants and clubs.

A Story to Explore

Reggello is surrounded by extraordinary nature that offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Green hills, vineyards and olive groves create a perfect backdrop for hiking, walking and biking. Well-marked trails will take you to breathtaking views and unspoiled corners of nature.

A History of Traditions

Local holidays are an important part of life in Reggello. Throughout the year, the town comes alive with celebrations celebrating Tuscan culture. Festivals and fairs are an opportunity to savor local specialties and immerse oneself in the joy of community.

Every year we wait for you to:


Your Story in Reggello

Reggello is a town just waiting to be discovered. It is a place where art, culture, cuisine and nature come together in a unique experience. It is an invitation to explore and discover a hidden treasure in the heart of Tuscany.