St. Anthony’s Forest: the embrace of Nature

In the heart of Tuscany, set among green hills like a hidden jewel, lies a natural paradise that inspires the soul: the Forest of St. Anthony in Reggello, a magical place where nature is revealed in all its grandeur.

The Enchantment of St. Anthony’s Forest

As we enter the St. Anthony Forest, time seems to stand still. The rustle of leaves underfoot and birdsong like music, amidst ancient trees and winding streams, nature reveals its timeless beauty.

This forest, in the municipality of Reggello, is included in the Pratomagno Chain and follows in the altitudinal limit the main ridge. Covering about 900 hectares, it winds in a semicircle along the Resco Creek basin, at altitudes between 600 and 1490 m above sea level.

The forest is an intact and natural area with deciduous and grassland forests, steep slopes, marked ridges, rocky crags and deep ditches.

A legend, a saint and a pear tree

A forest dedicated to a saint, why? The grandparents tell a story, which is perhaps a tale or perhaps a fable: ” Long ago, in the forest, a woodsman cut down the large dry trunk of a pear tree to burn it: but when that stump was thrown into the fireplace, it did not burn. The frightened peasants then removed it from the fire, but the next morning the portentous wood reappeared in the fireplace: the prodigy was repeated several times, until a miracle was cried out. The patron saint of the forest was carved into the trunk of the pear tree, and the statue placed in a chapel built to commemorate the event. “The legendary statue of St. Anthony appears to be the one kept today in Vallombrosa Abbey.

Inspiration and Exploration for All

St. Anthony’s Forest is a true paradise for nature lovers; every corner of this forest seems to tell a different story. Ancient trees, moss-covered rocks, and wildflowers come together in a constantly changing tableau.

Walking through the paths of this forest is like walking through the pages of a storybook. Surprises follow one another: a huge, centuries-old oak tree that seems to guard the secrets of the forest, a hidden waterfall that sings a sweet melody, and the many vantage points with sweeping views of the entire Arno Valley that capture the imagination.

Forest trails are numerous and well-marked; the area also has two shelters, unmanned, equipped with hearth, water and tables, an educational workshop and an equipped nature trail of about 1.5 km, ideal for school groups and families with children.

St. Anthony’s Forest is an extraordinary place that inspires us to action. Whenever we venture among the ancient trees and crystal clear streams, we are reminded of how important it is to protect and preserve the beauty of nature.

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