A delightful journey

Discover the authentic flavors of Reggello, a gastronomic journey through the delights of Tuscan cuisine. Savor the intense aroma of extra virgin olive oil, the fruit of our bountiful lands or porcini mushrooms, tasty gifts from our forests. Enjoy the inviting aroma of herbs that enrich our traditional dishes. With us, every bite is a sensory experience that envelops you in an embrace of authenticity and flavor. Discover the secrets of our gastronomy, where passion for food is mixed with the richness of our culinary culture.

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Zolfino Bean: The Treasure of Reggello’s Agricultural Tradition

Fagiolo Zolfino is one of Reggello’s gastronomic jewels, a small…

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European Beer Festival

The European Beer Festival in Reggello is a not-to-be-missed event…

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Reggello Olive Oil: A Tuscan Treasure to Taste

Reggello oil has always been considered one of Tuscany’s culinary…

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