The Circuit of the Chapels of Vallombrosa

Nestled in the lush beauty of the Vallombrosa forests, the Chapel Circuit is a true hidden treasure that offers visitors a unique spiritual and naturalistic experience. This route, rich in history and evocative atmosphere, is a must for those who wish to discover the beauty and spirituality of the area.

The Circuit of Chapels: these are ten itineraries that lead to places related to the life of St. John Gualbert, founder of the Vallombrosan order. They all wind around the Abbey, from which we recommend you start, and have a total length of 4.8 kilometers. They are all well marked by large wooden arrows.

The Chapel Circuit consists of a series of small churches and chapels that dot the forested landscape of Vallombrosa. Each chapel has its own unique history and charm, offering visitors the opportunity to explore ancient places of worship and reflection surrounded by unspoiled nature.

The route begins at the impressive Vallombrosa Abbey, founded in the 12th century by Vallombrosian monks and the spiritual center of the area. From here, visitors can follow a scenic trail that leads to the various chapels scattered throughout the forest. Each chapel was built in a different era and has a unique architectural style, ranging from Romanesque to Baroque, testifying to the rich religious history of the region.

In addition to their historical and artistic importance, the chapels also offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature. Many trails pass through ancient beech forests, crystal clear streams and breathtaking views, making the Chapel Circuit not only a spiritual experience, but also an adventure in the heart of nature.

For those who wish to explore the Chapel Circuit, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, as some trails can be steep and rough. In addition, it is always a good idea to carry water and a map of the route with you to make the most of this fascinating experience.