The Circuit of the Giants and the Tallest Tree in Italy

In 2016, the “arbonauts” of SuperAlberi accomplished an extraordinary feat: measuring the tallest plants in Italy using the tree-climbing technique. What they discovered was surprising: the tallest tree in Italy is located in the Vallombrosa Forest, and it is an impressive 62.45-meter-tall Douglas fir known as “The Italian Tree King.” A short distance from him stands another mighty fir tree, ranked as the second tallest tree in Italy, with a height of 59.83 meters.

These imposing giants can be reached on foot via the Ring of Giants, a specially created path within the Vallombrosa Biogenetic Nature Reserve.

The starting point for this adventure is Località Il Lago, where the former hotel of the same name is located, along the road from Vallombrosa to the Consuma Pass. Here, having left your car, you can follow the wooden signs and enter the CAI 7 forest road. Passing through a forest of white spruce and beech trees, after about 20 minutes of walking you come to a fork in the road. From here, turning right and proceeding for about 200 meters, you are faced with the two majestic forest giants.

The grandeur of these trees is astounding: compared with the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Giotto’s Campanile, they emerge as imposing guardians of nature, being taller than either.

The trail continues to the old Metato farmhouse, from which you take CAI Trail 8 to begin the descent. After about 15 minutes, you arrive at “La Casetta” locality, and once you pass the building, continue to the right along the paved road that leads back to the starting point.

Exploring the Ring of Giants and admiring the tallest tree in Italy is an extraordinary experience that allows you to get in touch with the majesty and beauty of nature in Vallombrosa.

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