The Dante Art Foundation at the White House: A Beacon of Culture and Art

The Dante Art at the White House Foundation, established in the summer of 2015, is a nonprofit organization located in the charming village of Cascia, in the municipality of Reggello. Within walking distance of the historic late 12th-century Romanesque parish church, the foundation stands in an area rich in history and natural beauty, making it an ideal place for reflection and creativity.

Maestro Raffaello Mori, founder of the Foundation, describes Cascia as his native village, nestled in an enchanting landscape dominated by the fir trees of Vallombrosa. This area, once the summer haunt of nineteenth-century aristocracy, still offers a rejuvenating retreat for body and soul.

The Dante Art Foundation at the White House aims to be a cultural center open to visitors, scholars and art lovers. Accommodates groups of up to 15 people, providing a meeting place for different cultures and religions, promoting mutual respect and admiration. Each year, the foundation hosts lectures, meetings, concerts and readings from the Divine Comedy, paying tribute to Dante Alighieri and his invaluable literary contribution.

One of the main goals of the foundation is to promote cultural events, with a focus on the study of Dante Alighieri. The venue houses the entire collection of paintings by Maestro Raffaello Mori, created between 1980 and 2000, which illustrate the “ArteNatura” project. This collection represents the Master’s long artistic journey, interweaving art with nature in a perfect synergy.

At a time of great change and migration, the Dante Art Foundation at the White House aims to be a beacon of culture and a meeting point for all cultures, uniting people under the banner of respect and mutual admiration. This unique place in Cascia not only preserves and promotes art, but also the history and traditions of a community that looks to the future with gratitude for the past.

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