The Fauna of St. Anthony’s Forest: A Heritage of Biodiversity

The St. Anthony Forest, with its wide range of habitats, is home to extraordinarily diverse and abundant wildlife. This corner of nature, nestled in the heart of Reggello, is a true paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, offering the opportunity to observe a multitude of animal species in their natural environment.

Among the ungulates that inhabit the forest, we can find roe deer, fallow deer, and wild boar. These animals, with their grace and power, are an essential part of the local ecosystem. But the forest is also home to a variety of equally fascinating “lesser mammals,” such as the common hare, badger, dormouse, porcupine, marten and fox. These small mammals help maintain the ecological balance of the forest.

The forest is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Common birds include the black tit, whitethroat, redstart, nuthatch and dipper. Larger birds such as the gray crow, pheasant, cuckoo, hoopoe and jay add further vibrancy to the skies above the forest. Birds of prey, including kestrels, buzzards, sparrow hawks, barn owls, screech owls, and tawny owls, majestically survey the territory from above.

Among amphibians, the spotted salamander, yellow-bellied howler and common toad are typical inhabitants of forest wetlands. The variety of reptiles is equally impressive, with species such as the collared grass snake, grass snake, and common viper slithering silently through the undergrowth.

The forest is also rich in insects, which form an incredibly diverse entomofauna. Among the large predators, brown bears and lynx, although long gone, are part of the wildlife history of the place. Of note is the reappearance of the Apennine wolf, a positive sign of the vitality and resilience of the forest ecosystem.

To explore St. Anthony Forest is to immerse oneself in a world where nature reigns supreme, and every corner offers new wonders to discover. Whether you are an experienced naturalist or a simple nature lover, the forest will welcome you with its extraordinary biodiversity, offering an unforgettable and inspiring experience. Come discover the magic of St. Anthony Forest and be enchanted by its extraordinary wildlife.