The Frantoi di Reggello: every drop, a story

Among the lush green hills of Reggello, an ancient tradition continues to thrive: the production of extra virgin olive oil. This golden liquid, a symbol of quality and passion, has deep roots in the territory and in the oil mills of the Municipality of Reggello that guard the secret of an ancient production handed down from generation to generation. Let’s discover together the fascinating world of Reggio Emilia olive growing, where every drop of oil tells a story of taste and tradition.

Visiting the olive mills in the Municipality of Reggello is a unique experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Tuscan olive growing. During the visit, you can watch the olive pressing process and discover all the secrets of extra virgin olive oil production. Oil mill owners are always happy to share their knowledge and passions with visitors, offering guided tastings and telling fascinating stories related to the history and culture of Reggello oil.

Each mill has its own story to tell and its own variety of oils to offer. From the most balanced blends to the most aromatic monovarietals, there is an oil for all tastes and needs. And there is nothing more satisfying than buying a bottle of extra virgin olive oil straight from the mill, knowing that you have a superior quality, fresh and genuine product on your hands.

For lovers of good food and Tuscan tradition, a visit to the olive oil mills in the municipality of Reggello is an experience not to be missed. Join us on this journey to discover Reggello’s extra virgin olive oil and be won over by its authentic flavors and thousand-year history.

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