The Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia: a Romanesque treasure in the heart of Tuscany

The Pieve di San Pietro a Cascia, located in the municipality of Reggello, is one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in the Tuscan countryside. First mentioned in a 1040 parchment, this church is located in a strategic position along the Via Cassia, an ancient communication artery that joined Fiesole to Arezzo.

A Journey through History
The Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia, in its present form, dates back to the mid-12th century, when it became the religious and administrative center of the surrounding area, with numerous suffragan churches. Its location along the Via Cassia, an important route for the spread of Christianity, contributed to its historical and cultural significance.

Architecture and Structure
The Romanesque building stands today with its original structure, thanks to restorations in the 1930s and 1960s that removed the Baroque additions and surrounding buildings. The facade is preceded by a Renaissance loggia, which adds a touch of elegance and harmony. The 32-meter-high bell tower dominates the surrounding landscape and originally served as a watchtower.

Inside, the church is divided into three naves, bordered by twelve monolithic columns with Corinthian capitals. This arrangement recalls both the twelve tribes of Israel and the Apostles. The chancel is decorated with two capitals with complex symbolism, representing horses and riders, as well as human and animal heads.

Artistic Treasures
The Parish Church of St. Peter in Cascia holds many valuable works of art. Prominent among them is the famous Triptych of Saint Juvenal, made by Masaccio and now kept in the museum adjacent to the church. Other masterpieces include an ancient 13th-century crucifix and a Renaissance-style stone tabernacle.

A Place of Spirituality and Culture
The Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia is not only a place of worship, but also a cultural landmark for the local community. It hosts events, concerts and lectures, offering a perfect blend of spirituality and art. Visitors can admire the architectural beauty of the parish church, explore the museum, and immerse themselves in the history and culture of this fascinating Tuscan region.

Visiting the Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia is an enriching experience for the spirit and soul. This Romanesque jewel, with its elegant lines and rich history, is a symbol of the tradition and beauty of Tuscany. Whether you are an art lover, a history lover or a pilgrim in search of spirituality, the Pieve di San Pietro in Cascia welcomes you with its serene atmosphere and priceless cultural heritage.

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