Welcome to the land of Masaccio

The Masaccio Museum in Reggello is a cultural jewel waiting to be discovered.The extraordinary works of art and fascinating history of this museum will make you feel enveloped in art and history.

As soon as you cross the threshold of the Masaccio Museum in Reggello, you will be greeted by an atmosphere of warm hospitality and a sense of artistic wonder. This museum is dedicated to one of the greatest painters ofRenaissance art, Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone, known as Masaccio.

Masaccio is famous for his contributions to Renaissance painting and his mastery of the use of perspective and light. The artworks on display in the museum testify to his genius and lasting impact on European art.

A Journey into the Renaissance

the Masaccio Museum of Sacred Art preserves paintings of Florentine art, silverware, ecclesiastical objects and a collection of sacred vestments from precious fabrics from the 15th to the 20th century. The setting is carefully curated and the soft lighting, focused on the display cases and objects, creates an atmosphere in which it is easy to get caught up in the magic of the time and the beauty of what is on display.

One of the museum’s most famous and admired works is the Triptych of Saint Juvenal, which bears the date of execution (April 23, 1422) on its lower edge, revealing itself as the earliest known work by a young Masaccio and one of the most representative of the very early Renaissance. The painting, made for the nearby church of San Giovenale, was rediscovered in 1961 in poor condition and later restored.

The triptych consists of three panels, with the central panel depicting the Madonna and Child, flanked by Saints John the Baptist and Juvenal. The work is a perfect example of Masaccio’s mastery of the use of perspective and light to create a sense of depth and realism.

The delicacy of the characters’ expressions and the gracefulness of the composition make this triptych a tangible testimony to Masaccio’s extraordinary talent.

The Triptych of San Giovenale is a must-see for art lovers and a fascinating window into the history of Renaissance art in Reggello. This masterpiece is a cultural treasure that continues to inspire and fascinate visitors from around the world.

A Museum for All

The Masaccio Museum also offers interactive and educational experiences to enrich your visit. You can participate in guided tours, art workshops, and lectures to deepen your understanding of Masaccio’s art and the Renaissance. It is an engaging way to get closer to art and to discover new details in the works on display.

When you visit the Masaccio Museum, you will discover not only the art of a master, but also the beating heart of a Tuscan town that will welcome you with open arms. It is an experience that will make you feel part of an age-old tradition and inspire you to explore the world of art even more. Reggello awaits you with its artistic treasure, ready to reveal the wonders of Masaccio and the warmth of its community.

During July and August 2024, the Museum is open daily from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 7:30 pm. For more info see www.museomasaccio.it